Top 10 TV shows to binge-watch this weekend

Jan 18, 2024


Looking for some great TV shows to binge-watch this weekend? We've got you covered! Whether you're in the mood for drama, comedy, or suspense, there's something for everyone on our list of top 10 TV shows to binge-watch.

1. Stranger Things

If you love a mix of sci-fi, horror, and 80s nostalgia, Stranger Things is the perfect choice for your binge-watching session. Follow the adventures of a group of kids as they encounter supernatural forces in their small town.

stranger things

2. The Crown

For history buffs and drama enthusiasts, The Crown offers a captivating look into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. With stunning performances and lavish production, this show is a must-watch for fans of British royalty.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Need a good laugh? Look no further than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This lighthearted comedy follows the hilarious antics of detectives in a New York City police precinct, delivering plenty of humor and heartwarming moments.

brooklyn nine-nine

4. The Mandalorian

Enter the Star Wars universe with The Mandalorian, a thrilling space western that follows the adventures of a lone bounty hunter. With its stunning visuals and compelling storyline, this show is a hit for fans of the franchise.

5. The Queen's Gambit

If you're a fan of intense drama and compelling characters, The Queen's Gambit is a must-watch. Follow the journey of a young chess prodigy as she navigates the competitive world of chess while battling personal demons.

the queen's gambit

6. Black Mirror

For those who enjoy mind-bending sci-fi and thought-provoking storytelling, Black Mirror is a captivating choice. Each episode presents a standalone story exploring the dark side of technology and society.

7. The Office (US)

Join the quirky employees of Dunder Mifflin in The Office (US), a beloved mockumentary-style comedy that has become a timeless classic. With its memorable characters and hilarious moments, this show is perfect for a weekend binge.

the office

8. Money Heist

Get ready for high-stakes thrills and intricate heists with Money Heist. This Spanish series has gained a massive following for its gripping storyline and compelling characters, making it a binge-worthy choice for fans of crime dramas.

9. The Great British Baking Show

If you're in the mood for something cozy and delightful, The Great British Baking Show is the perfect pick. Indulge in the sweet creations and heartwarming moments as amateur bakers compete in a friendly culinary competition.

great british baking show

10. Breaking Bad

For those who crave intense storytelling and complex characters, Breaking Bad is a must-watch. Follow the transformation of a high school chemistry teacher into a ruthless drug kingpin in this gripping crime drama.